Wahadat al-Wujud

Qazi Zaid

New Delhi, Sept 06:  Wahadat al-Wujud, which is usually referred to as ‘wajoodi’ Sufism, teaches tolerance, moderation, peaceful coexistence and humanistic values. This is because its metaphysics implies that there is a unity and oneness in all that exists. The differences, disagreements and divisions among human beings, ideas and all that exists are illusory. They come into being only when we look at things and matters in a limited and biased perspective and fail to see their true reality.

According to this belief, all differences are illusory, then it clearly means that mutual differences of human beings, creeds and cultures are also superficial,. They are absurd in the ultimate sense. Followers of this philosophy sympathise with those who take these differences seriously and not detest them.