Not so cutting edge: The Ghazipur slaughter house


Sidrah Fatma & Qazi Zaid

New Delhi, Feb 17: The Ghazipur slaughter house on the outskirts of New Delhi came into existence due to the rising meat demands of the city. The old slaughterhouse at Eidgah, Paharganj was sealed and had to be abandoned, which put thousands of workers out of their jobs.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) claimed that the new slaughterhouse would be a hygienic and more cost efficient alternative. It proved insufficient to meet the cityโ€™s growing demand for meat. The claims of hygiene also stand exposed well before one reaches the slaughter house. It is situated besides a landfill and a dirty drain.

Illegal slaughter and sale of meat can be seen right outside the compound of the slaughterhouse, the waste of which ads to the growing landfill.

Although the slaughter house is managed by the MCD which is a government body, the place is strictly forbidden to outsiders. The place is guarded like a secret corporation and is partly managed by Allanasons Corps.