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The Chai Culture of India

Qazi Zaid

Tea was brought to India by the Britishers and has left a colonial legacy that is not just well accepted but a part of everyday life of people in India.
Tea in india has taken a very sugary, syrupy form of ‘Chai’.

Chai shops are situated everywhere, outside colleges, in posh malls and has become a part of peoples lives in the same way as pubs have become a part of peoples life in Europe. From political discussions at tea stalls to popular advertising about revolutions and democracy, tea forms an important part of Indian society.
Chai plays different roles for different people across classes and provides different venues in modern popular culture.



2 thoughts on “The Chai Culture of India

    • Of course. What is wonderful is that it is a part of people lives. I know people who plan their days depending on where they want to have chai, of-course over a meeting 🙂

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