Kashmir’s Homeless: Devastating Floods Force Thousands Into Relief Camps

Srinagar, Kashmir: The recent floods have left many people in Kashmir homeless. With over 25000 houses estimated to be uninhabitable only in Srinagar and more than 200 people dead, thousands are stranded across the state. A large section of the population has found temporary shelters in relief camps.


Do people of Delhi really know their Government?

Uzair Rizvi & Qazi Zaid

Delhi has been facing political uncertainty. After the new Aam Aadmi Party Government resigned only after 49 days of coming to power, the state is under the rule of the President. With the run-up to the general elections and re-elections for the state, everyone has an opinion about the Government and Policy.


Carom Clubs of BalliMaran

Nagen Singh, Sabeela Rasheed and Qazi Zaid

In the busy city of Old Delhi, situated in narrow lanes and dingy spaces, carom clubs are thriving. The place is lighted up like a casino but the atmosphere is very friendly. National champions come here to practice and friends come here to have a good time.

The Chai Culture of India

Qazi Zaid

Tea was brought to India by the Britishers and has left a colonial legacy that is not just well accepted but a part of everyday life of people in India.
Tea in india has taken a very sugary, syrupy form of ‘Chai’.

Chai shops are situated everywhere, outside colleges, in posh malls and has become a part of peoples lives in the same way as pubs have become a part of peoples life in Europe. From political discussions at tea stalls to popular advertising about revolutions and democracy, tea forms an important part of Indian society.
Chai plays different roles for different people across classes and provides different venues in modern popular culture.


Not so cutting edge: The Ghazipur slaughter house


Sidrah Fatma & Qazi Zaid

New Delhi, Feb 17: The Ghazipur slaughter house on the outskirts of New Delhi came into existence due to the rising meat demands of the city. The old slaughterhouse at Eidgah, Paharganj was sealed and had to be abandoned, which put thousands of workers out of their jobs.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) claimed that the new slaughterhouse would be a hygienic and more cost efficient alternative. It proved insufficient to meet the city’s growing demand for meat. The claims of hygiene also stand exposed well before one reaches the slaughter house. It is situated besides a landfill and a dirty drain.

Illegal slaughter and sale of meat can be seen right outside the compound of the slaughterhouse, the waste of which ads to the growing landfill.

Although the slaughter house is managed by the MCD which is a government body, the place is strictly forbidden to outsiders. The place is guarded like a secret corporation and is partly managed by Allanasons Corps.



Qazi Zaid

New Delhi: Reflection is the formation of image through bouncing of light. But ‘to reflect’ also means to ponder over or to show something. The Project is to reflect on and to cover south delhi through reflections. It will be a take on the society and its practices and trends seen through the reflections.